About me…

I got into English language teaching to get out of secondary school teaching, then hung around long enough to get out of the classroom and into an office. I’m now the academic manager of a language college in Perth, Western Australia.

My interest in social media stems from a 3 year stint as a food blogger which led me to become a Tweeter and an Instagrammer. I was already a Facebooker and I use LinkedIn for work.

I get stupidly excited about edtech, ICT, digital literacies, PLNs, PLEs, and educational futurism. I’m also a PD evangelist. Sometimes I go to conferences to talk and learn about these things. Sometimes I write them down.

The idea for this blog came to me during a Twitter chat about Mobile Assisted Language Use (MALU) where it was suggested that social media was an area neglected in ELT, and that there was not much discussion about how it could be used to enhance teaching and learning. I hope that in my blog posts I will be able to explore the intersection of SocMed and Lang Ed and create a starting point for such discussions.

Yours digitally,






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